Can I Publish an Investigational Paper?

  There are no such limitations on the type of the paper invited in the Journal as it deals with the mixture of several engineering research articles. Preferred journal types include Complete Innovation, Investigation based, Survey Based, Study Based, Simulation Based, Modeling Based, Modification of Existing work, etc.,

Can I publish only particular stream of engineering papers?

  It’s a classic open access journal in which you can publish under broader stream of engineering science and technology. The Stream of engineering science includes, Electrical/ Electronics/ Communication/ Telecommunication/Computing/Information/ Technology/ Civil/ Mechanical/ Materials/ Aerospace/ Physics/ Photonics/ Metallurgical/ Signal Processing/ Power Electronics/ Nano-science/Radio Design/ Energy Systems Engineering. Feel Free to contact Help Line to get to know if your stream of research is missed in the list.

How long it will take to Review the Papers?

  The Paper will be reviewed by the Eminent Professors from Abroad Universities and Top Indian Universities. The Review Spectrum will have two rounds in the making. It will take about 5-6 working days to get the complete review of the paper. Editorial Board will have the ultimate power to fetch the quality papers in the filtration.

How to make check whether the Paper submitted ignored without a Glimpse?

  The Head Author will receive the acknowledgment mail as soon as the submission has done. Moreover the status of the paper will be updated periodically as per the feedbacks from the Scrutinizers Spectrum. If NOT, feel free to contact us via email.

Will I get the Proper Reason if the Paper gets rejected/ will the Rejection be acknowledged?

  All the submitted papers will be unanimously forwarded to the respective department reviewer board after passing the preliminary rounds. The preliminary round will consist of

    (i) Plagiarism Check

   (ii) Copyright Check

  (iii) Professional Ethics Check.

   Papers that get rejected in these basic rounds will be eliminated without any consent; however the Filtered papers passing onto the next level onwards will get the proper reason and comments.

Will ISSN number be provided?

  Yes, ISSN Number will be provided for all the shortlisted papers that is published in the Journals.

What is the Shortlisting Criteria for the Papers selected?

  Filtered Papers will be forwarded to Reviewer Spectrum. This Round will have sub-liminal checks for, (i) Originality (ii) Innovation, (iii) Technical Merit, (iv) Applicability, (v) Presentation. All the shortlisted papers will get the Recommendation and comments based on the content from the Reviewer Board.

Why Should I Choose IISRT?

Its’ not just another i.e., it is engineered to impact and resurrect the enhancement beyond expertise expectations. Strong Scrutiny Spectrum, several levels of marking the quality to publish a paper yet in speedy succession, Digital Library are very useful for the futuristic world. It makes the engineering scholars life easier by providing the world-class  digital spectrum to get acquainted with the current trends.

How many Pages that the Paper can hold?

  The paper length is not of a major concern in the IISRT Foundation since the quality of the digital library is important in the making. However to enhance the readability of the content quite easier, the papers are restricted within 5-8 papers.

How many Paper an Author can submit?

  These Journals will NOT restrict the number of research articles being published by an author on the same issue. However, submitting the same article in more than one journal is very offensive. A Paper can hold from 2-5 Authors.

Do I have concessions based on the scholarly Rotary?

  As the prime aim of IISRT is to bring the best of papers in the Digital Spectrum which will be globally accessible, this Journal provides concession. For further Details, please feel free to contact the help line or mail your queries at support@iisrt.com

What is copyright?

Copyright is one of a group of intellectual property rights (or laws) that are intended to protect the interests of an author or copyright owner. In other words, these laws give an author/owner nearly exclusive control over the use of his/her work.


What happens when an author signs the Copyright Form?

When an author signs the Copyright Form, he/she is transferring ownership of the copyright rights in the work to the IISRT Foundation. In other words, the Publications becomes owner of the paper when the author signs, dates and submits a corresponding copyright Form.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a name, title or graphic design intended to identify an entity or product. When a trademark is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, broadly exclusive rights are obtained by the owner.

What is the difference between copyright and trademark?

Copyright rights protect the particular expression of an idea, not the idea itself. Trademark and service mark refer to rights meant to protect a name, title or logo or other identifier of an entity or product where copyright rights are nearly exclusive, trademark laws grant fully exclusive rights to the owner.


What is the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism?

Infringement occurs when an author’s work is reused without the author’s approval/permission, even though full author attribution might have accompanied the reuse. Plagiarism occurs when an author’s work has been reused in such a way as to make it appear as someone else’s work.