Life Time Membership


Considering one year successful educational promotion activities through conferences, Journal publications and research events worldwide, IISRT introduces Life time membership to the educational research scholars, students and professors around the world. Those who opt for our scholarship can avail the following benefits anchored by IISRT.

1. Members of IISRT can include MIISRT (Member, International Institute of Scientific Research     and Technology) with their names as name of honor.
For example: Dr. Wei Shen, MSc, PhD., MIISRT

2. Members will be officially certified on membership which can be utilized for academic     promotions and career advancements.

3. Members are occasionally invited as Keynote speakers in IISRT Conferences.

4. Members are occasionally invited for Tech Talks and Guest Lectures during IISRT’s featured programmes and events organized in favor of educational promotion. 

5. Members may be honored by sharing Conference Panel Board with featured IISRT conference reviewers.

6. Members may join with IISRT’s Chief Reviewers in any one of our International peer reviewed Journal Editorial Boards.

7. Members can avail benefits of reduction in manuscript processing charges for Journal publication of their research articles in any of IISRT’s International Journals.

8. Members are permitted to attend any two of IISRT’s conferences per year at half the usual registration charge. This is valid for every year.

9. Members can publish maximum of four research articles in a year for free of cost in any of IISRT’s International Journals which can be found in our website (

10. IISRT Conference Participants will have 10% reduction in registration charges in case of recommendations from IISRT members.

11. Membership validity will be lifetime.


NOTE: Membership falls under three categories as listed below,
            -> IISRT Member
            -> IISRT Senior Member
            -> IISRT Fellow Member
Based on the qualifications and achievements, IISRT reserves rights to classify the members on categories.

Enrollment Details:

Enrollment fee will be 13,250/- INR for Indian nationals and 500$ for Foreign nationals until end 30th June 2015 

Enrollment fee will be 15,550/- INR for Indian nationals and 600$ for Foreign nationals from start 1st July 2015.

Drop a Mail at or call us at +919994701649/9965842567 to enroll for Life time Membership.